this dinner with friends that doesn’t go to the public shocks internet users

It is time to take stock Love is in the meadow ! Between the hiccups and hurray, a series of viewers will annoy.

End blow because love is in the meadow

Every minute counts

It is impossible to forget the content of this colorful season. Indeed, for his fifteen years, Love is in the meadow had many twists and turns. After spending just twenty-four on the excruciating Eric’s farm, Claudine remembers leaving. Karine Le Marchand has tried to put the pieces back together, forgiveness is difficult. But Footix reassures you. There were also positive surprises.

We think in particular of the meeting between Mathieu and his prince charming Alexander. From the first second of the recordings of Love is in the meadow these two knew they would spend their lives together. This is also the case for Jérôme and Lucile. Since they cannot live without each other, they see the future in three dimensions, as a baby and marriage are planned when the health situation allows. Let’s not forget the memorable fall of Jean-Claude! The least we can say is that facing the camera, he put his foot in the saucer! However, it is more than a meeting, it is a dinner that really turns heads. Footix tells you everything in detail!

The water drop?

When David got home, Stéphanie had a whole program planned. Unfortunately, the latter may not have seen it that way. Those who just wanted to spend a quiet week by their side will soon find themselves unconsciously ending up in an unnamed galley, love is in the meadow. Far from being as athletic as she is, he’ll still agree to a walk. Unfortunately, after a few minutes in the mountains, the ride quickly turns into a disaster. He was nauseous and had to return to dry land as soon as possible. Therefore, how can we get this sequence from Love is in the meadow ?

Nothing like a good fondue to calm the spirits. However. Currently we have to forget about meetings with family or friends. Due to the pandemic, a very strict health protocol must be followed. Washing hands, social distancing, really morally and physically exhausting for everyone … except for these two candidates from Love is in the meadow. Stéphanie wanted to offer her lover to her relatives as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the public of love in the meadow does not see it as a proof of love but rather as an insult to them. How do we accept seeing these images when we haven’t seen the ones we love in months? Footix is ​​shared! As summed up by this fan of the show Love is in the Meadow “So we don’t mess around because of the virus, but do fondue shoulder to shoulder !! Everything is normal # adp2020

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