Warner has found the perfect way to complete theaters in 2021 …

The least we can say is that cinemas have suffered a lot from this year 2020. The periods of incarceration have clearly had a disastrous economic impact on this economic sector, and if we add the fact that the big studios (Disney, Warner, Sony) have decided to postpone their blockbusters, we are set to set a catastrophic record … The Warner group’s latest decision is likely to put an extra nail in the coffin of movie theaters.

A disaster for theaters

Since the explosion of the coronavirus pandemic, blockbusters have left theaters. Only Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s latest film, sent on watch to gauge viewers’ interest in re-consuming movies in theaters despite the difficult health context, was released in theaters. Unfortunately for the Warner group, Tenet struggles to make a profit.

While many are Warner’s efforts to keep the release date of Tenet, others mocked or criticized the group’s decision. This is especially the case for the chairman of the Sony Group, who ruled that Warner had made a mistake in enforcing the release date of Tenet. The Hollywood majors, in turn, have opted for safety, either delaying their movie until a later date or broadcasting it on streaming platforms, such as Disney who makes his film Mulan, initially scheduled in theaters exclusively for Disney +. By the way, provoking a real outrage …

The Warner seems to have noted the failure of Tenet and the strong criticism caused by Disney’s decision to release immediately Mulan on Disney +. In a statement, the group announced that, given the health context, all of their movies scheduled for 2021 will be released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max.

Today, the Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that all of their films scheduled for 2021 will be released under a single, consumer-oriented consumption model, namely the worldwide release of the films in theaters, and exclusively, for a period of one month, on the HBO Max platform. .

As you will have understood, all of the Warner studio’s movies scheduled for 2021 will be released on this new “consumption model” that Warner describes as a hybrid. This includes blockbusters with a promising future in theaters, such as Dune, Matrix 4, The suicide squad, The magic, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Godzilla to Kong or The Many Saints of Newark, the spin-off of the legendary series The Sopranos. Note that Warner announced that a few weeks ago Wonder Woman 1984 is also released in theaters and on HBO Max.

Warner’s decision will have serious repercussions for movie theaters. If the group appears, at least on the surface, to be concerned about showing solidarity with cinemas, we can question the effectiveness of this model for cinemas livelihoods. Indeed, which says simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max, also says simultaneous release in 1080p of 2021’s biggest successes on illegal download sites. While non-English speaking European cinemas will be able to benefit from the postponement as the films are likely to be released in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany before being released in the United States and England, the films will soon be released in VOSTFR on pirate sites.

Warner’s move caused a stir on social media, and many criticized the group’s move.

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