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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: a "brilliant" mechanism according to JerryRigEverything

JerryRigEverything, the Youtubeur specializing in the abuse of smartphones, has disassembled the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 video. We learn how slide of the phone, a mechanism described by the dismantling expert as "brilliant".

How does it work slide sliding the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3? If you've ever wondered, American Youtubeur JerryRigEverything will give you the answer in his latest video, in which he gets off the phone and analyzes all the mechanisms.

Let's take a look at the usual disassembly steps, in which the smartphoneur of the smartphone removes the housing and the battery from the device to look directly at what makes the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slide that hides the photo modules on the front and makes a total possible borderless.

A "brilliant" mechanism

Zack Nelson, the host of the channel, remembers that Xiaomi promises up to 300,000 movements – although independent tests have shown that this figure can rise to 600,000 – and suggests that Xiaomi has taken all precautionary measures to ensure this by strengthening its components. Thus, the web that binds the screen to the motherboard is surrounded by a rubber band and held in place by copper to reduce the stress of many circular movements of the mechanism.

There are two large magnets on each part of the phone and a smaller one on the bottom of the back. These are powerful enough to hold both elements in place and offer the necessary resistance to the rack just slide along the rails at the slightest movement. However, if the Mi Mix 3 is in the open position, the magnets are positioned so that they repel, which keeps the smartphone in this position and prevents it from closing itself by gravity. "It is pretty clever, because there is no engine"Says the Youtubeur."This mechanism should probably take a long timeHe decided, reassuringly about the quality of the phone.

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Of course it says a lot more about the design of the phone in general, and those who like to disassemble their smartphone will fully appreciate the video. Do not hesitate to take a look.

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