1,700 households without electricity because of a stork

1,700 houses were on Wednesday August 22 for an unusual reason in the dark. A stork decided to land on an electric pole in the city of Barbey in Seine-et-Marne. The bird thus caused a short circuit on a high-voltage line and was electrocuted. The Parisian reports that the stork has survived the shock and not that 1,700 households spread over eight municipalities were thus abstained from power.

the two municipalities most affected by this unusual incident were Misy-sur-Yonne with 500 and 700 households respectively. The Parisian The testimony of Pierre-Emmanuel Lavaux, deputy mayor of the municipality of Barbey, 170 inhabitants and 80 affected households. He believes that "ERDF agents worked well and that the intervention was pretty fast. "

Storks in a period of post-breeding migration

From a material point of view, the elected official made it clear that "very little damage, the aisle has just burned around the pole. "Electricians still had to go to the site to repair the damage found the death of the bird. The incident took place at 22:00 and ERDF technicians completed their work around 1 o'clock at night.

For the Ile-de-France Bird Protection League, this a kind of accident "does not occur often But that is not it not unusual to see storks in our region at the moment. This is the period of post-marital migration. "The LPO indicates Parisian that she regrets it despite everything "large birds are sometimes the victims of such accidents".

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