22 wounded including five children in "absolute emergency" in a fire

Sunday evening a large-scale fire broke out in Aubervilliers, Seine-Saint-Denis, in which 22 people were injured, according to information gathered by Europe 1 of firefighters. In addition to 15 minor injuries, seven people, including five children, are in an absolute emergency for severe burns, they said. Two women were also severely burned, the vital prognosis of one of the two was even committed after a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Police and firefighters poisoned. The fire broke out around 7 o'clock in the attic of an old building, two floors, the rue du Landy, not far from the town hall. The origin of the incident remained unknown for the time being. Twenty people were saved from the flames, the Paris firefighters said on Twitter.

The fire was checked around 7:30 pm but remains under surveillance to prevent a possible restart or propagation to adjacent buildings, said firefighters in Europe 1. Eight police officers who came to the fire brigade were poisoned by the inhabitants to evacuate. Firefighters were also poisoned during the intervention.

Second fire in one month. On July 26, a mother and her three children were killed in the fire in their apartment in Aubervilliers. The fire was caused by a ten-year-old child who had been charged with arson and death. Punishment not responsible because of his age, he was forced to a degree of distance from the municipality.

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