60% of the French are dissatisfied with the Emmanuel Macron report

Studies of opinion follow each other and are similar for the head of state, in this very complicated return.

After fifteen months in office, the popularity of Emmanuel Macron is in free fall, according to a survey Kantar SofresOnepoint for Le Figaro, RTL and LCI. The record that was considered "positive" by 35% of the French in the last survey in January 2018 is now more than 19%. On the other hand, 60% estimate that it is "rather negative" or even "very negative". According to the survey, conducted on a sample of more than 1,000 French, they would be less numerous to consider that the action of the President of the Republic and his government corresponds to campaign obligations. This decline is also felt on the part of the supporters of the majority party, although 85% still think that the head of state meets the objectives of his roadmap.

A matter of rhythm?

The results of the survey were mixed with regard to the speed with which the executive power implemented its reforms. Recently labeled as "Gaulically insensitive to change" by Emmanuel Macron, the French are only 28% to "slow down" the pace of reform, while 27% believe the president should "keep" the pace and 23% he should " go faster".

Although a large majority of respondents recognize the President's determination to reform France, 39% believe that it should "acknowledge their mistakes" and "be more vigilant" and acknowledge 28%. should be "more open to dialogue". Indeed, the concerns of the French are numerous, guided by the improvement of purchasing power, the decline of unemployment, but also the reduction of taxes and levies. As regards measures against the greenhouse effect, they are also "important" or even "priority" for 76% of the respondents.

In the heart of these non-flattering polls there is also a certain change in relation to the policy "neither right nor left," announced by Emmanuel Macron during his campaign. According to the survey, only 20% of French today place their policy "central", 7% less than in January, and a majority (50%) think it is "pretty good".

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