80 km / h: the war against radars is declared

The question is ultimately simple: does the implementation of radars help to reduce road fatalities or, simply, to bomb good PV citizens? The detestation of the radar, already acutely earlier, has increased since the introduction of the 80 km / h, July 1, and the first weeks of "experience" already show a proliferation of degradations and vandalism. these devices. The magazine Auto Plus estimated on August 1, 400 the number of destroyed or severely tagged radars, a movement that is reminiscent of the catapult of the ecotax with red hats that cut off or set fire to the installations.

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The radar sawn at the base in the Alpes-Maritimes, this is a treatment for the less radical.

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This figure is confirmed by the departments that have communicated – Traffic Safety refuses to do this – the number of devices involved. For example, in Ain 86 aircraft were neutralized in 2018, four times more than last year. In the Hautes-Pyrénées several neighboring towns of Tarbes had to regret 6 declines in the time of fifteen days, victims of a mysterious masked avenger. "Same comment, reports Le Figaro, in Normandy, Brittany and Haute-Loire, where 35 radars were attacked, against 20 at the same time last year. "

With an investment of nearly 40,000 euros per radar, we see what these more or less serious attacks represent, while the authorities even consider installing cameras to monitor the environment.

Repressive Arsenal

Let us trust them to predict the repressive arsenal, but that does not discourage the dissatisfied. However, the risk of these particularly frequent users is important, because of the simple graffiti or paint spray on the ice of the radar, punishable by a fine of 3,750 euros with a sentence of community service, to severe deterioration. and a volunteer who has a fine of up to 30,000 euros and two years in prison, the wide range of sentences is available. But we will undoubtedly be able to escape, as some smart demonstrators indicate.

The spilled waste or the plastic bag is part of the transient errors, without affecting the public interest.

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In this way, Me Remy Josseaume, specialized in road law, ensures that "plating is not humiliating". In other words, that in order to comb the measuring device of a plastic bag, a cardboard box or, as is often the case, a fallen box does not damage the system itself. After a conviction by the public prosecutor of a user who had removed a device from a plastic bag, the criminal judge of Mont-de-Marsan did not follow this reasoning and pronounced the 1 March. 2018 the relaxed. He was of the opinion that "if one adheres to a strict interpretation of the law, it has not been degraded nor intended to do so".

However, this is no longer the case when the act of vandalism was committed by several persons who acted as an author or accessory, or by a person who voluntarily hides his face completely or partially (Article 322-3 of the Criminal Code). ). The methods can be more violent, from gunshots to arson. The sanctions can go up to five years in prison and 75,000 euros in fines, even up to seven years and 100,000 euros in penalties in case of destruction or more serious deterioration, explains Me Josseaume, who is also president of the Automobile Club of Lawyers.

A white circle on the road

To prevent such inconveniences, one of our readers suggests that we do not attack radars, which is too risky, but the road itself. "With the same paint pot or aerosol, why not even a code warning between users for the approach of a radar? The only thing you need is a special sign, such as a white painted round on the road, upstream of the radar, to identify the derivatives. warn whether those who would not use the driver assistance systems, such as Coyote, Waze, TomTom, etc. "

Simple, indeed and a priori not objectionable, because there is no degradation of the public interest.

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To find these fixed radars, it was previously necessary to consult specialized sites that collected the information for the retransmission to all users. This is not even necessary anymore because, as the prime minister said in January, an official map of the radars is now issued by road safety. On the website
Everyone will be able to see where the new radars of the region or the planned course are, but, attention, this map should be updated every two months.

Bad meetings

On all roads in France, the radars, since 80 km / h, aggravate the users' anger.

In the meantime, bad matches are not excluded. There is indeed plenty to do with 3,275 fixed-speed radars (red lights and railroad crossings) in France. There are many pitfalls, the government makes a distinction between single and double speed radars. On the other hand, and of course, mobile radars remain secret, as well as aboard the 383 unmarked cars that are in service on the territory.

It is clear that the government is constantly looking for the parade, it can come out of the blue. The imagination of the vandals is such that the state now thinks to place the radars outside the range, either carefully hidden, or placed high to be inaccessible. On a pole, board or street furniture they are more difficult to identify and besides speed, they can detect risky behavior, such as non-observance of the safety distance, the use of the telephone while driving, etc.

On the other hand, they will be less practical for maintenance services and they will pose a problem with the radar detection angle, which meets very strict specifications from manufacturers, so the measurement is not questionable. The device must be validated annually by the Weights and Measures department. The technical file therefore seems very complex, but the state is motivated by the annual bill of relegation of radars, which would exceed 10 million euros each year. It had dropped significantly since the stopping of the ecotax columns, but it resumed more since January 1st.

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