84% of executives in the Paris region are planning to leave

More than eight drivers in the Paris region (84%) plan to leave the Paris region to set up elsewhere in France, including 70% in the next three years, according to a study published by Cadremploi on Tuesday. Tired of the cost of living, their transport time or the lack of proximity to nature, they want to leave Paris and its surroundings to find a more pleasant living environment (90% of them) and a better balance between their personal and professional lives ( 65%). More than a quarter of the potential candidates to leave (28%) even expects to move to the region in the coming 12 months, according to this annual survey.

As in 2017, Bordeaux is ahead of potential host cities that are preferred by executives in the Paris region (58%) for Lyon and Nantes (41% each), followed by Toulouse (30%) and Montpellier (28%). The last two places on the wish list are Metz and Saint-Etienne (3%). The strengths of the capital in the eyes of these managers, such as cultural life (85%), rapid accessibility of all services (80%) and the importance of their work (67%), are not sufficient for them. -being: 55% say they are not satisfied with their current lives.

The cost of living, which is 77% too high, is for almost half of them (49%) their first complaint, for the transport time, of more than one and a half hours daily, that they are 56% to find excessive. Then in their reproaches, the lack of proximity to nature (54%), the affected environment (48%) and housing problems (48%).

Among the most dissatisfied are those who live and work in the suburbs: they represent 57% of the dissatisfied while they account for only 33% of the total sample of respondents. The executives of the Ile-de-France region also agree that they find the Parisians under stress (94%), unpleasant (61%) and haughty (60%).

Among those who think about changing their region, almost half say they are ready for a professional reconversion (48%) and agree to lower wages (47%), which can amount to 5,000 euros on their annual salary. rough for 62% of them.

* The survey was conducted from 12 to 14 July 2018 by a self-managed online questionnaire to 1786 candidates registered on the Cadremploi website.


Executives dream of leaving Paris for the South

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