a 13-year-old boy saves two people from drowning

This Tuesday, 21 August, Bastien, 13, saved two people from drowning, on the side of the landing beach, La Croix-Valmer (Var), tells Var-morning.

On holiday in the area, Bastien was on the beach to try his paddle, received as a gift. He was subsequently arrested by a 45-year-old man who had noticed someone on the other side of the coast who wanted to end his life. Both approach themselves and manage to join him. The boy caught him and thanks to his paddle, he put him under cover. "I was a bit scared when we had to catch it, but I did not think about it much," the boy told RTL.

Once on the rocks Bastien is called back by the 45-year-old man; so the boy turns around to save him and protect him. His gesture was greeted by the city, which gave him a medal.

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