a 6-year-old boy saves his mother from suicide by calling the police

While his mother wanted to end his life on Thursday night, the child turned 17 to warn the police.

The good reflexes and the impressive calm of a little boy avoided a drama. On Thursday, in Maurepas, Yvelines, a six-year-old, saved his mother who wanted to commit suicide by calling herself the police, reports The Parisian.

"He was very calm." Around 19.40 the child called to 17. When he was connected to Police Secours' police station, he officially explained online that his mother was lying on her bed with a knife in her hand, and wanted to end his days.

"He was very calm and very cool," the police officer told BFM TV.

A team from the anti-crime squad was then sent to the scene, greeted by the boy, while the mother was already injured with his knife. After a long discussion with the latter, one of the police managed to grab his weapon. The child and his mother were taken to the Rambouillet hospital in good health The Parisian.

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