a butcher vandalized by an antispecism label

This is a disturbing phenomenon. A butcher's shop has been destroyed again. this time it happened in Epinay-sur-Orge, in Essonne. The display case has been affected and an anti-spe- cies tag has been found. This has happened many times in recent weeks, especially in the Lille region.

Cedric, the owner of the butcher's shop who lives above the store, was awakened at 4 o'clock in the morning stone sounds thrown against the windows. "We knew it could happen, we had already heard about it (…) These are the strikes they make, but butchers are not worriedthey are not afraid. A butcher is not afraid of a vegan. Vegan is normally quite pacifistic and here it is rather foolish ", he regretted the RTL microphone.

Six windows were broken and "Stop Specism" was tagged in large yellow letters at the front of the store. An act of vandalism regretted by the inhabitants of the city. Speciesism is the ideology that postulates the superiority of man over the animal. But nothing at the moment claims that the perpetrators of these acts are indeed vegan activists, because no claim has been made. An investigation into relegation has been opened.

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