a disabled woman finds her dog after a mobilization

Roxane was able to find Danae. The assistance dog of this young 28-year-old from Nantes, who is disabled, was eventually found after mobilization on social networks, France Bleu reports.

The female labrador of 10 years was gone Tuesday during a walk on the island of Nantes. Rated as "indispensable to his mistress," the National Police had launched a call for witnesses, with a photo of Danae, to try to find the animal. On Friday, several passers-by have reported the presence of the dog on the banks of the Loire, which they recognized thanks to the call for police testimony, which was largely passed on to the social networks.

According to Roxane, his dog was stolen and released thanks to the strong mobilization. "Usually she jumps with joy, she jumps everywhere and there she is really scared, she is completely traumatized," she told France Bleu.

La Nantaise, who lives in a wheelchair, shares her relief after finding her "binomial". "Sinking myself, closing doors, shopping, these are complicated things to do, Danaé really helps me with all the gestures of daily life," she explained. Before adding: "We will wait until the time passes and it will be as before."

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