a hazard report submitted by the CGT in the Ivry-sur-Seine hospital

The CGT makes an alarm in the hospital in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). The union filed a notice of serious and imminent danger on Monday, August 20, at a CHSCT (Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions Committee). He condemns a chronic lack of staff, further increased this summer with staff holidays.

According to trade union representatives in the Charles-Foix hospital, a nurse can only treat 50 patients. A situation that concerns the family members of patients. Suzanne visits her hospitalized mother and describes tipped & # 39; nurses. "It's been 15 days since my mother was there, she only had two showers."

Tensions are postponed, connections are not made … Fabrice hears this every time he visits his uncle. "It is very serious but (…) we can not do anything, he regrets. Everything is going well for you, but maybe everything is going bad. "

Everyone is exhausted

Many caregivers blame themselves that they can not do their work as before. "Everyone is exhausted," says Julie, a carer at Charles-Foix. "We all realize (that there are problems, red), and that is why everyone falls apart. "

Faced with the situation, the AP-HP (Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris) admits that difficulties to replace absences in the summer. But she says the situation should improve in September. The CGT has meanwhile made an appointment with the management of the hospital on Tuesday, August 21st.

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