a hiker from Nantes is followed by a bear in the Pyrenees

It is a big shock that Lucas Meurlet has lived. While touring with his family in the Pyrenees, he noticed that he was facing a bear who was following him, France Blue Occitanie reports. His attitude saved his life.

Tuesday, August 21st, Lucas Meurlet, his father and his brother decide to walk in the Val d'Aran (Pyrenees), on the Spanish border. During the walk, the young man decides to do so climb only a ridge, towards the port of Girette, at almost 2,500 meters above sea level.

Seen from below, his father and his brother experience that a bear and her three boys are on the side where Lucas must arrive. Despite the cry of warning that they are pushing to warn him of danger, Lucas does not hear anything … and comes nose-to-nose for the animalwho wants to defend his little ones.

"I tried to impress him"

Initially petrified, Lucas decides to flee, but is only 10 meters ahead of the bear who started to chase him. A bear behind you, "that is an image worthy of a horror film", he confides in France Bleu Occitanie.

While the animal catches him, Lucas tries his last chance: he stops, faces the beast and waves his trekking polesmake loud screams. "She started to turn around," he explains, "I spread my arms, I tried to impress him." The beast is leavingbut Lucas, still scared, is hiding behind a bush.

Meanwhile, his father calls 112 and three Spanish rescue helicopters are coming soon. They get Lucas back on top of the peak where he was. The three hikers meet again and return to the hiding place of Eylie, in Sentein in Ariege. "It is clear that after that you understand that life, it can stop soon," Lucas says at the microphone of France Blue Loire Ocean. "After the adrenaline rush I laughed, but when I woke up the next day, I realized that I could have left my skin".

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