a knife attack killed two people and one seriously injured, the attacker died

VIDEO – The man remained stuck S killed his mother and sister Thursday before she was shot. He knew & # 39; psychiatric problems & # 39 ;. However, the attack was claimed by Daesh.

A hybrid story between family drama and the attack of police officers threatened by the shouting of Allah akbar, a murderer fragile but steady for radicalization, a claim of Daesh with strong opportunistic hints but intervention after a call to murder launched by his chief Al-Baghdadi .. The tragedy that occurred in Trappes (Yvelines) on Thursday morning illustrates the confusion that has been prevalent in terrorism and the cynicism of Daesh's leaders for years. With, how often, more questions than answers.

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The facts have been clearly established. Thursday, shortly after 9.30 am, the urban security of the Trappes police station is being warned of "a dispute on the public highway" in the street Camille-Claudel, a small suburb to the west of the city. Police arrive a few minutes later. Two people, a man who is badly injured with a knife and a dead woman, are on the road.

A person in their thirties, dressed in jogging and armed with a "big knife", is seen as a refuge in a pavilion on the street. The man appears at the window of the pavilion and shouts the attention of the policemen: "Allah akbar, when you come in, I smoke you all." At 10:12 he leaves the pavilion, still armed with a knife, and goes to the urban security police. The latter make the usual summons, try to neutralize the aggressor with the help of a Taser and finally shoot him down. A third victim, killed with a knife, can be found in the pavilion.

Bus driver and VTC

The identity of the attacker is quickly known. Kamel S. was born on 29 May 1982 in Trappes. The two women he murdered are none other than his mother, found in the pavilion she owned, and her sister. The third victim, very badly injured and life-threatening on Thursday afternoon, was not a member of the family. Kamel S. was in conflict with his family members and had, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs who visited the place, "significant psychiatric problems & # 39 ;.

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His profile is, to say the least, complex. On the one hand, a man is psychologically vulnerable and suffers from addictions. On the other hand, a former bus driver shot for acts of direct and public apology for an act of terrorism. Kamel S. was registered on July 15, 2016 in the TAJ file (treatment of criminal record, joint file with the police and the gendarmerie). In Puteaux he had insulted a passenger, with a scattered debate about Islam and terrorism. After his resignation, Kamel S. would have registered as a VTC driver.

File S

The incident with Puteaux led to his being placed in the Terrorist Radiation Prevention (FSPRT) treatment dossier. The FSPRT, which consists of nearly 20,000 names, half of which are "active" files, includes individuals belonging to terrorist networks, followed by specialized services and profiles of radicalized individuals who are more isolated and in principle less dangerous. Kamel S. was the subject of a new report for apology three weeks ago. He was also listed as S for "unstable behavior under radicalization".

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Thursday at the end of the afternoon, the investigation was entrusted to the public prosecutor's office of Versailles. The Public Prosecutor of Paris, François Molins, and members of the antiterrorist part of the prosecutor's office, nevertheless went to Trappes to watch very closely the first investigations as observers. In a very classic way, researchers will screen the house of Kamel S., his or her telephones and other computers or other electronic objects. As are possible contacts with members of the radical Islamic movement. The reasons why he decided to attack his mother and sister also form the core of the research. For the time being, however, the matter remains customary. And, whatever the motive, if Kamel S. acted without an accomplice, she will soon be closed.

Claim from the Islamic State

To make matters even more complicated, ISIS has claimed the facts very quickly through its Amaq propaganda agency. "The perpetrator of the attack in the city of Trappes," says Daesh, "is one of the fighters of the Islamic State and has made this attack in the call to target nationals of the coalition countries." Assuming that the Daesh strategists have ordered their "soldier" Kamel to kill his mother and sister, assistants of the "coalition", one can strongly assume that this claim, as Daesh has been doing for a while, is pure chance.

Whether Kamel S. was controlled from a distance or simply influenced on the edge, it does not matter to the terrorist organization. In response to the appeal of his al-Baghdadi leader to his sympathizers in the West to "snare in the West" to "terrorize" by playing jousting "on their land", the Trappes tragedy serves his interests. In a recent report, the UN emphasized that "despite the weakening of the central structure, Daesh's many messages are still very effective in terms of radicalization, recruitment and training."

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