a meeting to support the policeman, the angry family

VIDEO – A meeting is organized by the Alliance Police Union. An initiative that killed the lawyer of the Romain family, Tuesday during a chase in Paris, qualifies as a "little republican".

The Alliance linked Monday to a police meeting to support their colleague Kevin, who was indicted last week after a lethal chase. On Tuesday night, during a road check, the 23-year-old policeman had claimed a scooter and pursued a motorist who refused to obey. At the end of a chase in the streets of the capital, the policeman fired a shot and killed Romain, 26, who drove without a license. Since then, the official has been charged with "intentional violence resulting in death without the intention of giving it to a person with public authority".

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The appointment was at 13:30 for the police station of the 1st arrondissement of Paris. "This meeting is at his request and with his permission Today our colleague is alone, he is completely upset by the fatal outcome of this intervention and needs all our support, explains RTL Loïc Lecouplier, national secretary of the police union Alliance Île-de-France It is not a protest or demonstration, it is just to show him that all his colleagues are behind him We know the problems of this job, we know the difficulties entails. "According to his lawyer, Mr Laurent-Franck Liénard, the young policeman is" desperate "because of what has happened.

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"The least things", "low profile", says the lawyer of the family

The grievances were placed under judicial supervision with a prohibition to perform his duties and to hold or carry a weapon. Loïc Lecouplier regrets that his colleague is no longer allowed to practice. "There was still the possibility to keep him in his work, without weapons, without interference on public roads, there are so many places in the police that allow us to practice without being confronted with external difficulties," he out. However, the union activist denied the information that the salary of the staff member had been suspended: "The administration has kept its salary, contrary to what was said". Last Thursday a Kitty Leetchi was founded. Almost 400 people have already participated and more than 8000 euros have been collected.

The victim's family is of the opinion that this meeting is a "small republican reaction". "The family is furious, she (the police, Ed) are overbearing, it is almost offensive, their lawyer Me Olivier Lambert responds to RTL. I think there is a desire for a balance between power, the least things, if it is only out of pure decency for the family, it would remain a low profile, "he adds." We understand the grief of the family but I repeat that we represent our colleagues and we offer our support, "concludes Loic Lecouplier.

Some members of Romain's family have denounced an "injustice" in the press. The father, & # 39; very angry & # 39 ;, filed an indictment for manslaughter. A white march in honor of the young man is scheduled for next Saturday. It should start from Petit Vergeat, in Vigneux-sur-Seine, at 2 pm. according to The Parisian The procession could ignore most places that marked Romain's life, from his school to the bar he visited.

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