A mysterious food poisoning affects 36 students in Ariège – 01/10/2018

Most sick students are cured./ Photo DDM Elaine Cordon

Most sick students are cured./ Photo DDM Elaine Cordon

For more than a week, the lessons at Tarascon primary school are scarce: many children became ill and suffered from stomach pain, diarrhea and fever.

First blamed: the meal served in the canteen on Thursday, September 20th. According to figures from the Regional Health Agency that investigates food poisoning, 36 children and two adults have become ill, out of 68 people who have taken food from the canteen.

At least 16 cases of salmonellosis

Several sick children had to be hospitalized, but are now bankrupt. "To date most of the patients have been cured," said the Ariège prefecture.

According to the first evidence from the LRA to parents and doctors, there are 16 cases of proven salmonellosis, probably due to food. But the results of the tests carried out by the veterinary service on the control scales did not detect the bacterium. "There was nothing in the water," says Pascal Perez, general manager services at the town hall of Tarascon. The results of the latest analyzes, performed by the ARS on eggs that were served this Thursday afternoon, are not yet known.

"We can not wait to spread this story," said Mayor Alain Sutra. This is the first time something has happened, especially since we buy from a local farmer who makes organic eggs. "

50 absent at the height of the crisis

As soon as the director of the school and the recreation center noticed her on Friday, the municipality took measures to "put an end to the fireplace of procreation", explains the municipal councilor.

"Tuesday was the peak in the absences: it missed 50 students, reveals Pascal Perez, which is why we have developed a new cleaning plan with more powerful products, and we have also reminded of the hygiene measures and especially the washing of hands for the little ones."

The City Hall has also organized several meetings with parents of students who are worried and waiting for answers.

However, different points ask questions to both men. "The 15 students who had digestive problems on Friday did not necessarily eat in the canteen," said Pascal Perez. "The toddlers had exactly the same meal but nobody became ill," says Alain Sutra, who wants a speedy recovery for children.

The exact origin of the disease that affected almost 70 students in one week remains to be determined.

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