a wallaby escapes and flees to a subdivision

It took almost 24 hours for firefighters in the municipality of Hagetmau (Landes) to get a very unusual fugitive. A wallaby, a small kangaroo, belonging to a person has indeed escaped the vigilance of the owner on the evening of Saturday 18 August, told by France Bleu.

On Sunday, it was residents of a neighboring subdivision that in the evening reported the presence of the wallaby in the area to firefighters. We can see the animal in a few seconds of images published by France Bleu and show it clearly in shape and are not dissatisfied with the owner.

The firefighters, accompanied by a veterinarian and gendarmes, finally succeeded after more than two hours of effort to catch the marsupial with a net and to make it safe and healthy for the owner.

The wallabie had sought refuge in a subdivision

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