addicted to cocaine, he jumps from the third floor

Cocaine abuse? Missing crisis? The two hypotheses seem to have been considered after a 32-year-old man jumped on the third floor of a building on Sunday (August 19) in Sorgues (Vaucluse). An act of madness after a fight with his girlfriend at lunch, as told The Dauphiné Libéré, which evokes a crisis of lack that would incite the individual to regard himself as a bird before he leaped into the void.

according to Provencethe man was cocaine at that time and may have decided to jump from the third floor to end his life. The researchers do not yet seem able to determine exactly the circumstances of the incident.

This does not take away that the man escaped by a miracle. He bounced on a vehicle parked on the street and was found wounded by firefighters and gendarmes Sorgues and taken to the hospital in Avignon without, however, involving his vital prognosis.

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