after an accident he attacks the policeman who came to help him

A man, rescued from a violent traffic accident on Saturday in the 19th district of Paris, hit the policewoman who came to help the victims. He was placed in custody.

On Saturday, a man with a very fast pace in Belleville, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, lost control of his vehicle. The car hit the naps of a shipyard before making different roles. The driver was thrown out of the vehicle and declared dead, explains The Parisian.

A policeman, who is not on duty, intervenes to help the passengers who have remained in the vehicle. Four people, including a baby, are injured. The young woman brings first aid and takes photos to "freeze" the scene, to help his colleagues who are responsible for the file. This is when the passenger of the vehicle throws herself on her and strikes her several times, with fists and with a farmer. She also said that her attacker was "physically impressive, a force of nature".

Controlled positive for cocaine. Wounded at the level of the head she falls unconscious. The man escapes on foot but will be caught by a team from the BAC. The Parisian indicates that he is known to the police. According to the newspaper, he and the driver were tested positive for cocaine. He was placed in custody. The policewoman was admitted to the hospital and was prescribed ITT for ten days.

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