After the anti-begging command that forbids to sit down, they protest with … a sit-in

POLITICS – "Jean-Louis, are not you tired of walking?" You have to sit down a bit. "The anti-court decision of the mayor LREM of Besançon, Jean-Louis Fousseret, does not appeal to everyone, as reported by France 3 Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the bisontin building has indeed decided to take the round to drive out of the city center.

More specifically, "the consumption of alcohol, begging with or without animals, groupings and sitting or lying if it constitutes an obstacle to public traffic, is prohibited" in different parts of Besancon. [19659003] A decision that justifies Jean-Louis Fousseret by "a very strong demand from traders, residents of the city, the elderly." From the local media, the chosen Macronist ensures that "people can not return home because of meetings at their front doors" and that is observed in the city "an increase in the phenomenon begging sometimes aggressive."

And Jean-Louis Fousseret to reassure: "we can stay in Besa nçon, but not if it hinders the movement of other people ". Justification grounds that opponents of this decree have not been able to convince, who have met Pasteur on Saturday to "sit" against this decision.

"Tired of hunting the poor! We do not fight poverty and misery by laying it under the carpet", Facebook organizers of the meeting wailed and asked the participants to announce the event on social networks via the hashtag #jesuisassis.

In the late afternoon of Saturday, several photos of this sit-in were shared on Twitter, by journalists or participants, including a number of members posted from the non-substantial France.

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