Agent of the Pension Fund accused of racist abuse

A young Creusoise has filed a complaint with the police station in Guéret against a pension fund official accusing them of having left behind his racist insults when he did not hang his phone properly, did he? today we learned from the office of the public prosecutor.

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"The complaint is directed against an agent of the Carsat" (Pension Fund and Occupational Health), said prosecutor Bruno Sauvage, and refers to "facts of non-public racial abuse." An investigation was therefore opened, confirmed the parquet of Guéret.

Fatiha Martin, a young Creusoise discovered on Wednesday on her answering machine a message from the relevant agent in response to his earlier request for information on the follow-up and investigation of his mother's pension record, Fatima. Initially the latter announces to the young woman that the file of her mother will not be validated and that if this answer does not suit him, she will only have to initiate proceedings before the court of social affairs.

But if he forgets to hang up the handset he continues in an insulting tone "have you seen how I calmed it?", He launches his colleagues, which triggers the laughter of some. He continues: "I can not have any of these people anyway, it stinks! It is the Daesh of Crete, it is veiled from head to toe." And to add in comments that have been confirmed by a source close to the investigation, that it is "Cases soc" (social affairs) that would not have the means to support a procedure against the Carsat.

The regional headquarters of Carsat Center West issued a press release with an apology to the family, and strongly condemned the unacceptable remarks made by one of its employees on August 22, 2018. the office of Guéret ".

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