Alexis Corbière is a guest at RTL

From 23 to 26 August, Parc Chanot de Marseille organized the second edition of the summer AMFiS of La France rebels. Invited France Info On Thursday, August 23, Alexis Corbière, MP Insubordean France of Seine-Saint-Denis and spokesperson Jean-Luc Mélenchon opened the door to this meeting for the left wing of the Socialist Party.

"You see the state anyway, it's" back to the future ", it's a party where today the question is: has François Hollande not even been able to do that at the last presidential election? , is the savior? We can understand that people want to look to the future when France inscribes", said Alexis Corbière at franceinfo.

The member tries it to integrate the movement of the rebels with the socialists who were disappointed. "They are very close to our ideas, if they came, it would be great […], it is good that we are hospitableHe will discuss the ambitions of his party in this season against Olivier Bost on Friday, August 24.

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