an air between clouds and sun

The air of the first of the school year is shared between the clouds from North-East to North and the sun to the south, according to Météo-France.

Monday is mostly cloudy from north-east to north, sunny in the south, according to predictions from Météo-France.

The clouds will be numerous in the morning in the northeastern areas. During the day they shift to the north of the country by giving a few drops. From the canal to the east façade, the sky is divided between clouds and thunderstorms with the risk of rain showers, in the afternoon, on the alpine and Corsican terrain.

Light showers over the Pyrenean relief. Further south, from the south of Brittany to the southwest to the Mediterranean, the sun will prevail and the day is still very pleasant. In the afternoon a few light showers over the Pyrenees can arise.

Up to 30 degrees in the southwest. The minimum temperatures vary from 10 to 15 degrees in general, sometimes slightly cooler from the southwest to the Massif Central and 14 to 20 degrees near the Mediterranean. The maximums reach 20 to 22 degrees at the edges of Channel, 23 to 28 degrees on the other regions, from North to South, even 29/30 on the Southwest.

>> Here is the weather map for Monday:


Source: Météo-France

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