an armed camper neutralized by the GIGN

A 25-year-old camper who was armed and shot several times with a shotgun in the air before he hid at the end of Sunday afternoon at the municipal field in Trier, about twenty kilometers northwest of Vigan, in the Gard, the border with Aveyron, was neutralized last night around 0:15 by the elite gendarmes of GIGN.

He tried to leave the place because of the darkness, but he was arrested by the number of gendarmes present.

On Sunday, after an argument with campers, this hunter came from the area of ​​Nantes to get a firearm, before returning to turn them and open the fire. The residents of the municipal campsite managed to escape.

The GIGN on the spot

Gendarmerie units from Vigan's company, as well as reinforcements from Nîmes, took up position around the campsite. 40 to 50 campers and the manager were evacuated without incident. But the armed camper refused dialogue and surrender. A negotiator from the Occitania gendarmerie region of a Gard brigade was ready to try to reason with the individual, in vain.

The Orange antenna from GIGN was engaged around 9 pm. The Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Ales was also installed on site at the headquarters in the town hall, until the end. The camper was taken into custody, the gun and the ammunition confiscated.

>> More information to follow.

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