an electrical fault can be the cause of the fire

The parquet of Bobigny called on an expert in electricity to clarify the elements of the research. The conclusions of his analyzes will be communicated in the coming days, according to the commander in charge of the case.

The causes of the fire with seven wounded, of which two are still hospitalized in severe condition, this Sunday, August 19 in Aubervilliers, are clarified. The Parisian reveals that the hypothesis of electrical dysfunction is being considered by the investigators of territorial security in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The commander of the Bobigny police station, Patrick Moreau, who is in charge of the investigation, explains Le Figaro: "we do not know the real causes yet, we know that it is not an external operation with fuel, firing or any other product. The laboratory has excluded these tracks.The assumption of an electrical failure comes when researchers have discovered that "during the fire there was a mobile air conditioning on wheels that worked," the commander says.

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"If we study this cause, it is by exclusion, he has developed, we will know more with the expertise." Indeed, the parquet of Bobigny called an expert in electricity, that was this morning at the site of the fire, a small building with a small supermarket on the ground floor and supposed to serve only as a trade center, rue du Landy. According to the commander of the police station in Bobigny, he should report his findings "in the coming days".

"Old building"

The researchers also question the disobedience of the buildings, which may have played a role at the start of the fire. According to the commander, "the facilities certainly were not up to standard". The latter trusts Le Figaro: "the owner (from the supermarket) knew that the buildings had been dilapidated, he refused to rent them as an apartment.The grocer had done repairs on the level of electricity, but not in the upper room where people were housed .

According to the County Council, 8% of homes in Seine-Saint-Denis are in poor condition, leaving the door open for such accidents.

The trace of a sublet in sublated

The investigation also showed that the burned-down house was a commercial space, not intended for habitation. However, the shopkeeper of the supermarket housed his girlfriend and four children above the supermarket. According to Le Parisien, the building had sanitary facilities and various pieces of furniture.

According to commander Patrick Moreau, it would not be subletting. "The survey did not establish a financial relationship between the grocer and the tenants," he said.

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