an LREM substitute for a graduated allowance from senior executives

MEP LREM Aurélien Taché assures Wednesday that "no general turn will be made" about the rights of job-seekers, and suggests the possibility of a "degression" unemployment benefit for managers to a high income.

"We must open the debate". "We know that for managers with high incomes there is almost no unemployment, France is the country where the ceiling of compensation is highest, more than 6200 euros", note-t- in an interview on Parisian. "For these unemployed managers who are between 5,000 and 6,000 euros per month, we have to open the debate", he says: "why not introduce degressivity from six months or bundle the income? It is not two years with a to cover a very high income and find a job ", says the deputy of Val-d & # 39; Oise, who was the rapporteur for the" unemployment insurance "component of the bill for the freedom to choose your professional future.

The words of the MP raised Francois Hommeril, CFE-CGC president, the union of executives, tweeting: "Justice according to Aurelien Taché: executives fund solidarity, but have no right to benefit." François Hommeril has the chosen "demagoguery" "labeled.

"Make the rules more readable". More generally, Aurélien Taché believes with regard to the accumulation of unemployment that "if we allow companies to apply a bonus-malus to unemployment contributions, it is normal to revise the rules for the activity reduced number of employees" . He points out that "today, thanks to the rechargeable allowances, an unemployment benefit and a salary can be accumulated indefinitely", while "until 2014 the cumulation was limited to 15 months and it worked well".

But, he assures, "under no circumstances will there be a general turnaround in the rights of job-seekers". "There is no question of hitting the core of unemployment insurance"; it's about getting the social partners around the table to see how we can fight against insecurity, protect the long-term unemployed and make the rules more readable, "he says.

A consultation to come. At the request of the government, the social partners will renegotiate the rules for unemployment insurance for the third time since early 2017. A consultation with the executive should be started at the end of August in order to draw up the negotiating framework document to be drawn up. spread between autumn and February appearance.

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