Anti-homophobic campaign is controversial among LGBT activists

Can we fight homophobia thanks to the second degree? The question is asked while a campaign of struggle outrage social networks. Since 15 August, some residents of several large French cities have discovered new posters on billboards.

Phrases written in white, in an imposing font, on a black background : "For a woman loves men, nothing is worth a gang rape" or "The time they tortured homosexuals is not that far away it is 3 hours away by plane ".

Each sentence is accompanied by an explanatory subtitle recalling that women in Jamaica are raped to "cure" their sexual orientation & # 39; or that homosexuality is a crime in 72 countries.

A "shocking" and "violent" campaign

This communication operation, launched by the Austrian magazine Vangardist and signed by the French agencies Serviceplan and Mediaplus, is aimed in particular at encouraging the signing of a worldwide petition so that rights of LGBTQ + people are included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN

But this shock campaign is mainly regarded by the militants as "shocking" and "violent" . "Have you consulted French or European associations to find out what they think of the strategy to use a lesbophobic message to denounce lesbophobia?", Wrote the European Lesbian Conference on Twitter.

Interviewed by Franceinfo, Alice Coffin, conference spokesman and co-founder of the French association for LGBT journalists, explains: "I understand very well the marketing principle of shocks to respond. " But on this type of subject, the second degree simply has no place . "

And the activist does not stop there, asked by Le Parisien assures that this campaign" misses all targets ", while the general public" can not understand this second degree "." You need to be more pedagogical, more fundamental . "Just telling the story of lesbophobic violence would have been just as shocking," she continues. the local newspaper, while regretting that these posters are "less shocking than the awful reality".

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