Aqualand: the reopened spiral – 24/08/2018

Different facts

Last Sunday in Aqualand Agen, a Gersoise who benefited from the Sunday in this theme park that was opened last year, was admitted to a hospital after he lost consciousness. A few minutes ago she was in one of the buoys to descend a high speed slide. The Prosecution ordered an investigation to determine the causes and this Spiral was closed at the time of the findings by the gendarmes. It has been accessible again since yesterday, confirms the management of Aqualand. "The judicial investigation confirms that the attraction complies with all mandatory standards, that the opening tests are certified and validated by an accredited body," said Walibi Aquitaine. "After the investigation, the circumstances of this accident will be announced, which is likely to lead to non-compliance with safety instructions." Still according to the same source, "the diagnosis is in the direction of cervical dislocation."

And also …

Agen> The truck driver in court. A 45-year-old truck driver has now been charged with deliberate violence and malicious calls at the correctional court desk in an immediate court case. In the evening of August 15 to 16, the person is suspected of having defeated his girlfriend while they both drove in the truck, between Agen and Charente. In Jonzac his alleged victim managed to leave the vehicle, later recovered by the gendarmes. On Wednesday, the driver issued another version stating that her passenger had consumed narcotics and she lost her mind. The two theses are at the helm, the young woman of 25 years became a citizen party. The sequestration was not retained.

Aiguillon> The cup flows to the pool. Enamelled incidents and inconveniences since the beginning of the summer, the legend of Aiguillon's pool found its epilogue in the day of yesterday. The municipality decided to anticipate the closure of the basins on 23 August, while it was still possible to swim until the weekend of 2 and 3 September. The management personnel, without any specific conflict, expressed his opposition by refusing to leave the premises.

Agen> in the courtroom. A 26-year-old Agen was intercepted on Wednesday night while driving with drunk, 1.12 grams on the counter. To the police officers who arrested him, he replied that he had not seen them. He must answer for driving in a state of alcohol and the refusal to obey in December.

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