Asked about Françoise Nyssen, Griveaux assures that "nobody is above the law"

POLITICAL SCAN – The Minister of Culture has once again been pinned down The chained duck August 22. She did not consult the urban development departments for work at the offices of Actes Sud in Paris. Françoise Nyssen, who is not her first business, has been politically weakened. Benjamin Griveaux responded at the end of the Cabinet meeting that same day.

New episode in the disappointments of the Minister of Culture. According to the August 22 edition of Duck chainedFrançoise Nyssen has freed herself with the city planning code. In the company of her husband, Jean-Paul Capitani, she did some work in the offices of Actes Sud in Paris without reporting the direction of the city planning. After the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, August 22, when he was questioned about this, the government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, wanted to make clear the government's determination: "It is clear that nobody is above the law, neither ministers nor anyone in our country. ".

It would not be the first time that the Minister of Culture failed to consult planning services. Last June, the satirical newspaper claimed that Françoise Nyssen and Jean-Paul Capitani, the current director of the publishing house, had performed unauthorized work at the company's headquarters in the center of Arles. Bévue corrected it when he entered the government in May 2017. As far as their buildings in the Bouches-du-Rhône are concerned, the co-owners of Actes Sud have ensured the comfort of their second stay, located in the chic district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. According to this same newspaper, the 321.67 m² of the mansion, with a ceiling height of more than 4.60 meters, was equipped with two mezzanines and completed with seven internal staircases and many partitions to cut in half almost all rooms on the ground floor. To give more than 150 m ² on the surface, the newspaper indicates.

Questions about the maintenance of the Minister of Culture

In order to prevent these problems with the urban development offices, we must add the presumptions of conflicts of interest for which it was intended. Presumptions that have cost him "the custody of the national book center", "the economic regulation of the literary publishing sector", reported a decision published on July 10, 2018 by the decision of Prime Minister Philippe Édouard. The text also provides that the Minister of Culture may not interfere in any way with the activities of "the company Actes Sud". Matignon then reacts to the arrests of the High Authority on the transparency of public life (HATVP), which was concerned about the intervention of the former director of Editions Arlesienne in these areas.

This business case could motivate some to claim the deposition of Françoise Nyssen. The weakened Minister of Culture in the government is seen as a starter when a rearrangement occurs. Benjamin Griveaux, however, wanted to remove all speculations: "The rule was laid down from the beginning: if a government member is charged, he must leave the government." In the absence of an investigation, nothing would threaten the minister.

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