At 74 years of age and in good health she chooses to offer assistance with suicide in 2020 – 28/08/2018

Jacqueline Jencquel wants to determine the date of her death./ - Youtube screenshot - Brut

Jacqueline Jencquel wants to determine the date of her death.

Jacqueline Jencquel, a 74-year-old French woman, decided in January 2020 to resort to assisted suicide in Switzerland. But in good health she explains her choice and calls for the development of French legislation on this subject.

"I want to die standing". At the age of 74 Jacqueline Jencquel decided to choose the date of her death. In January 2020 she will end her life by assisted suicide. She does not suffer from a degenerative or incurable disease and is even happy. So why make such a choice?

near Konbini News and grossThe 70-year-old trusts: "I fought for the life I have, I fought for abortion, now I fight for the IVV, I call it that, the voluntary interruption of old age." I did everything I wanted to do, so I tell you you now, what? It's Rab, "she explains.

The fear of old age

Although she considers herself in good health, Jacqueline is afraid of suffering, old age and illness. Irreparable passages of life, according to her, when someone reaches a certain age. "If you're old, you're never in good shape, never, we're more or less good, but we have things, we have what we call polypathologies of old age, for example, I have three vertebrae that are broken because of osteoporosis. .) Of course there is much worse, but this is much worse, I do not want to live it, "she says.

"I'm scared, because I'm all alone, I break my mouth, I have a stroke, I have something, I ended up in a hospital in France, now what happens to me? deep and terminal sedation to death Does this mean that I will be a vegetable for four weeks until I may die? She explains, firmly.

Faced with this fear of suffering, Jacqueline Jencquel found the solution with assisted suicide. "If I know that I'm going to run a faucet and it will be like a general anesthetic, I'm afraid of what, she says.

She wants to leave a certain image to her children

Jacqueline wants her children to keep a good image of her and does not want to be a burden for them. "I think, my children, that they would suffer much more from seeing a sick mother in a feathered bed they had to take care of. I believe that what I will leave to my children is the image of a free, determined woman who is not afraid, "she says.

Finally, she trusts that if she has set the date of her death, she can live her life more fully: "If you do not think of death, then life is monotonous".

An illegal practice in France

For ten years Jacqueline Jencquel has been fighting for the legalization of assisted suicide in France. The practice is indeed illegal and according to French criminal law is considered a provocation against suicide and is punished with three years imprisonment and 45,000 euros fine.

To have access to assisted suicide, Jacqueline Jencquel must travel to Switzerland. Practice has been legal in the country since 1899, it is the patient who takes a deadly substance or infuses it.

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