attacked for management, former leader Sophia Chikirou defends himself

The web TV production company Le Média blames the former director of the publication, Sophia Chikirou, that they have done so wrongly received amounts since the benefits of another company of which it was chairman, which refutes the interested party, AFP Wednesday learned concordant sources. At stake: services invoiced by Mediascop, a consultancy firm led by Sophia Chikirou, to the media.

Co-founder and director of the publication, Sophia Chikirou, who was director of communication for the presidential campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the media finally left with a roar in July, to take care of the communication of the unheard of France. Since then Sophia Chikirou and the production company have increased in recent weeks Notices of notice through their respective lawyers, from whom AFP received a copy and swear words in the media.


On 14 August, Le Média asked Mediascop to repay approximately 65,000 euros, because "no contract with regard to the services that are the subject of the Mediascop invoice was concluded between the latter and the (production company The Media, SDPLM)." According to the invoices, the services from September to December 2017 consisted of providing manpower, equipment and advice in strategy and communication.

Some of these services were offered by Sophia Chikirou himself. "The settlement of an unpaid bill, for the benefit of a company of which you are the sole shareholder, constitutes a use of the funds of the company The Media, which you knew was in conflict with its interest", writes online media lawyer , Jérémy Afane-Jacquart, in his letter.

"No profit in this story"

On July 31, Sophia Chikirou had requested a first reminder for the settlement of 67,000 euros for unpaid payments according to her from January to July 2018. The two bills were not "disputed" according to Mrs. Chikirou, contacted by & # 39; AFP ensures that & # 39; Mediascop has not made a profit in this story & # 39 ;.

In a new announcement on 20 August, the lawyer of Sophia Chikirou, Me David Marais, considered the accusations to be "unfair", "because the project of the Media is the project of Mrs. Chikirou, who worn and produced and for which she did everything to make it work. "

Ask questions to other co-founders

"No" offense ", no fictitious work or misuse of assets has ever been committed and the accounts have always been perfectly loyal, which your customers (The Media, etc.) do not ignore," adds Ms.'s defense. Chikirou, arguing that the companies of the other two co-founders of the media, Henri Poulain and Gerard Miller, "also boasted the media and offered benefits under the same conditions".

On Wednesday, Gérard Miller and Henri Poulain stated in a statement that they never validated the accounts, at any time and in any form whatsoever. "We did not know at all that Sophia Chikirou had commissioned Mediascop to give advice and define the development and communication strategy of the Media," they say.

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