Benalla case: the treasure hunt between the researchers and the companion

The ceremony, the flowers, the petits fours … Everything was ready for the next day. But Friday, July 20, Alexandre Benalla understands that he will postpone his marriage with his concubine Myriam: the young deputy director of the Emmanuel Macron cabinet, accused of 26 years of security issues, is in custody in the premises of the judicial police. The parquet in Paris has just opened an investigation: on 1 May, disguised as a policeman, he took the initiative to arrest a young Greek and his French friend, place de la Contrescarpe.

As regards appearance, the future wife is only a very secondary character of the case. Nothing in fact implies Myriam in the violence. But to find it, the researchers of the Human Crime Suppression Brigade (BRDP) have made every effort to use techniques that were usually transferred to the fight against organized crime. Include a "geolocation" (follow-up on distance from calls made and received by a mobile phone). It was obvious to understand how the vault of Alexandre Benalla could disappear from their house.

Tensions started from the beginning of police custody. So, when he communicates his rights to Alexander Benalla, an interview is needed with her friend who at the age of 32 has just given birth to the first child. He is refused. But paradoxically, he refuses to say where his concubine is. Why so ?? s silence? "To protect her," he replies. Nor will he tell the police how he can reach her. According to the researchers, the researchers deplore the "lack of cooperation of Mr. Benalla, who refused to provide contact information for his wife".

The disappearance of a safe in question

From the evening of July 20, the police intend to go to the couple's house in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) to search it. "Do you accept to deliver us? [cette] authorization? A policeman asks Benalla. The latter agrees, but immediately says: "I just want to say that I do not have the keys with me." The only person who has the keys to my house is my wife who has now definitely gone abroad. to rest and to flee the reporters with our baby. "

Abroad? Magistrates and police snort an indirect excuse. The researchers go home with the intention to force the lock. Lack of luck, the door is equipped with a system, inviolable without special equipment. At 9 pm, overtaken by the legal hour, they are satisfied with the deposit of stamps before they turn around.


The seals deposited on July 20 at the door of the residence of Alexandre Benalla and his companion./DR.

The researchers are back the next day, where they manage this time to force the door with a locksmith. But stupor: a safe has disappeared. For the judges, Alexandre Benalla spontaneously calls the & # 39; malaise & # 39; of the researchers in the absence of this strong cabinet where his weapons, three automatic pistols and a Remington were all legally stored. It was impossible to know if the safe contained other interesting items for the investigation.

In Paris she canceled the formalities of the marriage

In a statement to the judges, Benalla tries to help the misunderstanding: "On July 19, my wife called me to tell me that there were enough journalists in front of the house and in the hallway, and I asked a friend to pick up my wife. pick up and get everything that could be stolen, valuables including weapons.He has since returned the guns himself, but Myriam appears as a central witness in this volatilization of the vault.

In addition, from the return of the search, July 21st, justice launches the big offensive to find it: passage of its name into police records, claim bank, identification of his car, a Twingo. .. Even Speeding tickets, including flash shots, have been unearthed. The police also check whether the young woman at an airport to a & # 39; stepping platform & # 39; has come: RAS. No flight reservations are discovered in his name. A commissioner plans to go back to look for her employment contract and attracts the wrath of Alexandre Benalla. A telephone request is even urgently sent to the main operators.

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In fact, the stay of "abroad" shows the geolocation of the future woman that it is probable … in the sixteenth arrondissement, where the telephone assigned to it broadcasts from a terminal located Avenue Foch. Research into past and current calls shows intense activity. They are meant to cancel the formalities of the marriage. The police, who ultimately receive Myriam's e-mail address from the Issy town hall, send him an e-mail for "making contact".

During his detention, the young Elyos counselor feels so insulted: "I wonder about the possibility of doing research on my wife who has nothing to do in this whole story, she is already pretty upset." Myriam is still not heard Contacted by our newspaper, the latter did not respond.

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