Benalla: hear under high voltage

Paris – Preceded by small pikes and repeated alerts from the executive, the hearing of Alexandre Benalla, the main character of the affair that poisoned the summer of Emmanuel Macron, opens in an explosive context Wednesday in the Senate.

The Senatorial Committee of Inquiry is to hear the former head of state's assistant from 08.30 am accused of assaulting demonstrators on the sidelines of Parades on 1 May.

Audition will be carried out in the aftermath. Vincent Crase, squadron leader in the operational reserve of the gendarmerie, filmed next to him during these incidents and was also charged.

At the time of the incident, the two men and deputy chief of staff of the presidency and employee of the presidential party De Republiek were on the move. They were both fired after the news leaked in the press.

Revealed in July by the newspaper Le Monde, the case was described as "storm in a glass of water"By President Macron, but far from faded, it remains in the center and has given rise in recent days to a heated exchange between the executive and senators on the question of the separation of powers.

"Political instrumentalisation"want from"arrogate power of dismissal"from the president,"personal political campaign"Chairman Philippe Bas: costs have been raised between the members of the government and the Macronist senators, minorities in the palace of Luxembourg, have announced that they will boycott the hearing.

The convocation of Mr. Benalla, 27 years old, for the Senate, has itself started the ordering paper. The former chargé de mission initially suggested that he wanted to hold an audition. Then he no longer preferred. Before we finally admit, "forced", at the request of the senators, avoid"prosecution"while taxing the passage of Philippe Bas"small marquis".

– "torpedo"anti-Macron –

In what state of mind the hearing of Mr. Benalla will take place, "adopted"by three Frenchmen in four, according to an Ifop poll published Tuesday by the parliamentary channel Public Sénat?

Already according to parliamentary sources it should not be behind the camera, while Alexandre Benalla's lawyer, Laurent-Franck Liénard, had mentioned such a possibility.

Philippe Bas and Jean-Pierre Sueur, the committee's co-rapporteur, stress that they only have one goal: to bring everyone to light "disfunctions"This does not interfere with the prerogatives of justice, which would be contrary to the separation of powers.

But for Mr Liénard, "the field of possible interrogations will be very limited"for senators, since, he said, his client"can not answer the questions asked about the research; and the committee can not ask questions about the research".

According to the lawyer, Alexandre Benalla is used by "many people"Like"the torpedo to swing at Emmanuel Macron".

The senators, who have already held many hearings, including family members of the head of state, will also hear Yann Drouet on Wednesday, former chief of staff of the police chief of Paris.

At the center of their concern was the question of the protection of the president and the role that Alexandre Benalla, who had joined the Emmanuel Macron security team during the presidential campaign, could keep, despite theregulations"established by the institutions.

The protection of the President is indeed "the responsibility of a government department", mumbled Mr. Bas, switching to two elite units, the security group of the presidency of the republic (GSPR) and, within the Elysee, the military command.

"We are approaching recognition"then Mr. Benalla"has played a role in security", said Mr. Bas after the last auditions, but"there is always a refusal to admit that he could play a protective role", he noted, despite"a license to carry a weapon"and many images where we see him next to the president.

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