Benjamin Griveaux regrets "his way of doing things"

The Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition announced his departure on Tuesday, regretting that he had received only "small steps" from the government.

Nicolas Hulot, August 22 at the Elysee.

He had repeatedly threatened to resign, it is now done. Without warning the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, nor the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, the Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, Nicolas Hulot, announced that he had left the government on Tuesday, August 28th at the microphone of France Inter.


reactions to the dismissal of Nicolas Hulot

Political reactions came in after the announcement of his departure. Guest on BFM-TV, the spokesperson for the government, Benjamin Griveaux, regretted his way of doing things. I think that the most elementary courtesy would have been to warn the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. "I want to pay tribute to the work that Nicolas Hulot has done for more than a year"he added, however. But Mr. Hulot, for his part, regretted that he could only have obtained "Small steps" during these fourteen months spent in the Transition of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity.

In front of Matthieu OrphelinMP for La République and marche and close to M. Hulot, this resignation "Should sound like an electric shock For everyone» :

"We have to do more, much more, for climate, biodiversity, the environment, solidarity, and change the model and the priorities, because we are now going into the wall."

"Disarming conscience"

ecologist Yannick Jadot also spoke about the LCI channel:

"Macron & # 39; s voice on ecology was EDF and Stéphane Travert [ministre de l’agriculture], the departure of Nicolas Hulot is the result of the lack of ecological policy of this government. Nicolas Hulot tried to convince but was not heard, he refuses to serve as a guarantor and he is right. "

On Twitter, Benoît Hamon, leader of Generation. s, believes that "The resignation of Nicolas Hulot is a call to awaken the global conscience to enable the transformation of our development model: changing our production methods and consumption, our relationship to work and our relationship to life is the ecological transition.

For the Socialist MP, Valérie Rabault the world, "The government loses its largest supplier of taxes", after the resignation of Nicolas Hulot. "Hulot could not focus the revenues of these taxes on ecological transition (these taxes fall into the state budget to compensate for the deficit linked to the elimination of the ISF between others)"she regrets. The former minister of ecological transition and solidarity has returned to his failures in France that were called "This impossible comparison of the Maastricht criteria at budget level" . But for Mme Rabault, " this inability to achieve this has nothing to do with Maastricht, it only comes from the weakness of the political weight within the government. "

"Is this the end of the ecological ambitions of the government?"

For its part, the President of the Republicans Party (LR), Laurent Wauquiez, "Can understand" Nicolas Hulot "Feels betrayed" by Emmanuel Macron. "Nicolas Hulot, I do not necessarily share his opinion, but I can understand that he feels like today a lot of French betrayed by strong promises made, and the feeling on arrival that it is not very obligatory"he responded to the RTL microphone.

And the LR president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresseexplained himself " sad " from this departure:

"Ecology has to be our major cause for everyone." Nicolas Hulot refused sectarianism and sought solutions that were true to his convictions – is this the end of the government's ecological ambitions? "

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