Besançon: they are on the street protesting against an anti-begging order

PROTEST – A sit-in was held on Saturday August 18 in Besançon to condemn a municipal decree that has been in force since July 9 that prohibits "begging with or without animals", but also "alcohol consumption, groupings and sitting or mooring station "obstruct public traffic.

"Consumption of alcohol, begging with or without animals, groups and sitting or lying down when it impedes public traffic are prohibited". This text, unveiled by the newspaper Eastern Republican, is derived from the municipal decree that was discretely approved on 3 July by the City Hall of Besançon and is set up from 9 July to 30 September. During the Christmas holidays the measure will take effect from 23 November to 31 December.

It is clear that this is a decree commonly called anti-begging and that is already in force in some cities (Montpellier, Nice, Chartres, La Roche-sur-Yon and La Rochelle) in France. The municipal team's decree applies in a limited area, in particular the city center, at certain times and times, from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. In case of a violation by the police, each offender is subject to a fine of 38 euros.

"Tired of hunting the poor"

In response to this measure, about 200 protesters gathered Pasteur on Saturday 18 August to protest against the anti-begging, according to our colleagues from Eastern Republican. a sit-inunder the slogan "I'm sitting" was organized. "Tired of hunting the poor! We do not fight poverty and misery by laying it under the carpet", said on Facebook the collective that asked for this event. Photo & # 39; s of the event were shared on social networks.

The assessment of the measure under review at the end of the year

The mayor LaREM Jean-Louis Fousseret, for his part, justified this measure by stating: France 3 Burgundy"It follows a very strong demand from retailers, residents of the inner city, the elderly, and people can not go home because of meetings at their door." He also regretted "the increase of the phenomenon of sometimes aggressive begging", adding that the balance of the decree will be peeled at the end of the year.

A radical change of position for the chosen bisontin, who had expressed disagreement with such orders by 2011 and deliberately begged. On social networks a surfer (@lebisonteint) also has a text on time in which Jean-Louis Fousseret was of the opinion that it was necessary "not to add exclusion to exclusion". "What I want is not to fight the poor, I want to fight against misery, what is different (…) It would be a dramatic failure, I say dramatically, of our republican model, of introducing legislation against begging , we have to find solutions, "he wrote.

At the request of LCI on this issue of anti-begging measures in 2015, the general representative of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, Christophe Robert, estimated that "dozens" of the number of cities prohibited to race on their sidewalks.

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