Budget: the hut of Buzyn and Pénicaud

This is the kind of exchange that the manager is trying to preserve. according tothe Express, Ministers Agnes Buzyn (Solidarités et Santé) and Muriel Pénicaud (Labor) protested against the President and Prime Minister against reform projects in the field of social affairs. At the date of July, the comments show differences of appreciation for the 2019 budget. In a letter dated 5 July, Buzyn said that he opposed the RSA for years, saying that the profit would be modest at all (135 million euros in 2019 and 180 million in 2020) and would not benefit the state, but the departments responsible for the payment of this benefit. The Minister also points out that such a measure is politically inopportune, while the government has to submit a plan in September to combat poverty.

according to the Express, The letter from Agnès Buzyn nonetheless confirms that the government at the time considered to freeze virtually all social advantages with regard to inflation, a measure that runs counter to the promise not to make savings "to the plane". In another note dated 18 July, the Minister also opposes the removal of family benefits for the highest income: "Putting an end to the universality of the latter would disappoint a legitimate expectation of the French in this area." Contact recorded by liberation, the Cabinet of Agnès Buzyn does not want to comment "Classical exchanges between ministers in the budget periods".

Muriel Pénicaud thinks that insufficient credits for certain jobs have been helped. It particularly protests against the prospect that employers' organizations have been angry, a transfer to employers of financing part of the work interruptions for the moment provided by Social Security. Faced with a weaker growth than expected in 2018, Edouard Philippe will present the main orientations of the 2019 draft budget on August 31, before providing details a month later.

Dominique Albertini

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