calm and dry, still warm enough

Alongside the canal, the southwest wind will blow hard enough and will accompany many cloudy passages, and a few falls in Brittany and Cotentin this Wednesday, September 19th.

Clouds will flood on the Atlantic facade without rain. Clouds will also dominate from Auvergne to Alsacethey can shower.
Elsewhere on the northern half, the sun will prevail.

Further to the south is the sky cloudy or very cloudy in the mountains with a chance of stormy downpour on the Pyrenees, the Alpine border and especially Corsica.

Temperatures will remain well above normal. the minimum ranges from 12 to 18 degrees from north to south, to 21 near the Mediterranean, maximum 22 to 27 degrees north and west, 27 to 31 degrees south and north-east.

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