Can we really find a job that "cross the street"?

From "Gallic" to "illiterate" to "slackers", Emmanuel Macron multiplies the small sentences since his election. He repeated this weekend to a young unemployed horticulturist who said that it would be enough to cross the street to find work. But what is it really? If we believe the Le Parisien and Franceinfo tests, it would be more nuanced.

So for the newspaper Ile-de-France, which went to a shopping street near its headquarters, you can of course find work. A hotel near the Eiffel Tower is looking for two people with a permanent contract. The conditions? English speaking and being ready to work "work nights and weekends". Salary side, the company announces 1 648.12 euros gross per month, the hotel smic. Tests in the construction and public works sector are less convincing. They mainly show that it is necessary to follow a training.

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The issue of qualification

For its part, Franceinfo tested twelve branches in the Boulevard de Montparnasse district. Seven of them confirm the search for personnel. But it is not enough to knock on the door or to present a resume to win the Grail. Many emphasize the need for training. This is the case of the Rotunda, where … Emmanuel Macron celebrated the success of the first round of the presidential election. "Unfortunately, we can make non-qualified people work in space."

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On the other hand, good news for the unemployed to whom Emmanuel advises Macron to reorient himself. He probably will not have to. Indeed, the The National Federation of Producers of Horticulture and Nurseries (FNPHP) would have received many vacancies for him. " We became employment center! We call these young unemployed people to contact us, "explains François Felix, the president, and a message to the unemployed, a small discussion with Emmanuel Macron, seems to be able to solve many problems.

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