children put up for the auction to protest against closing a class

In groups, six children were symbolically auctioned during a garage sale that was held Sunday for the school of Roche-lez-Beaupré, in the Doubs. Through this action the parents tried to warn students about closing a class.

To protest against the closure of a class, the parents of students from the Roche-lez-Beaupré school in the Doubs have come up with an original idea: the symbolic selling of children from school to a school. garage sale Sunday, as reported by France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

"They are ghost children". "We sell children like any other material, we speculate on squash seeds, here, ignoring the future of children speculates on their future," said François, the commissioner. junk auctioneer who presided over the fake auction of six "lots" of children. Sunday for the school at the same time as the garage sale. "They are ghost children, we have explained to parents that they do not exist, so they decided to sell them," adds the parent of students playing the game to the end with the Eastern Republican.

The rural world has "also problems". This symbolic action is meant to signal the closure of a class in the school. Since the beginning of the school year, the 94 students from Roche-lez-Beaupré have been divided into three classes instead of four. Three days earlier, the mayor of the city had received a refusal to reopen from the academic director who had received it. "We do not have to undress the rural world because we also have problems …", he assured France 3 Burgundy-Franche-Comté after having split the CP and CE1 classes into a priority education zone.

An empty class on The Good Corner. Last Friday, parents of students had already put the closed class at Le Bon Coin on the market at a price that was sacrificed by the academic inspection and to debate & # 39 ;. The offer specified the "ability to provide 10 children who are just waiting to start their training!"

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