Cohn-Bendit will not replace Hulot as Minister of Ecology

The ecologist, supported by Emmanuel Macron, decided in consultation with the president not to take part in the government.

Predicted for a few days to replace Nicolas Hulot at the head of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Daniel Cohn-Bendit announced Sunday, September 2, LCI he refused the offer.

The old figure of May 1968 acknowledged that he had thought at the beginning " that was it "An attractive idea". He explained that he had a long discussion with the president: "He calls me and asks me how I see the situation (…) I was divided, I thought: this is the right moment. (…) For the first time in my life I thought" why not? ".

" [Le président] told me: "If you are a preacher, you lose your personality, you no longer have this freedom, do you want that?" We agree that it is a false good idea ». "We have decided in mutual consultation that I will not be a preacher"he went on.

In turn, Libertarian activist, elected ecologist and support from Emmanuel Macron during the 2018 presidential campaign, Daniel Cohn-Bendit repeatedly expressed his reluctance to enter the government. "Not everyone was made for the hardness of this job, I would have held in place for three minutes There is too much compromise to makehe confided Parisian the day after the resignation of Nicolas Hulot. "I do not want to be a minister, but I want to support Macron", he nuanced it in the same columns on Saturday, before pointing out to BFMTV Sunday that the hypothesis of replacing Nicolas Hulot "90% excluded".

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