Collection at the source: failures and reactions at a mess

A tax note reveals that the test phase of the new device has enamelled hundreds of thousands of errors.

The introduction of the withholding tax certainly has nothing to do. According to a confidential note from the tax passed by The Parisian , the test phase of the device, tested at some companies before the entry into early 2019, has led to hundreds of thousands of errors.

The release of this document led this Sunday a sequence of reactions from members of the government, to explain that these bugs have been corrected and that the system is well done.

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according to The ParisianIn July, the Directorate General for Public Finances (DGFiP) sent a note to the Ministry of Economic Affairs with an extremely irregular number of errors from one month to the next. They would not have existed in January before reaching a peak of more than 300,000 the following month. There is no "a priori way to protect (or protect) some of these errors", the note warns.

Two recurring (and worrying) technical errors

The reform, initiated under the five-year term of François Hollande and postponed once a year, should result in the tax being collected directly on wages or pensions and no longer being paid a year later, because it is the case at the moment. . Its implementation has attracted the attention of business leaders and trade unions, who are worried about possible flaws or blind spots.

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Emmanuel Macron left the door open for abandonment this week and Saturday the Public Account Minister Gerald Darmanin admitted that a "verdict" was not ruled out. Conversely, the quoted note the Parisian is well aware of two recurring technical deviations: multiple taxation of the same person and the accidental collection of a homonym.

"Dissolved" anomalies according to Gérald Darmanin

The Parisian newspaper quotes internal sources in Bercy, according to which mistakes are made by employers including, first of all, state and public organizations.

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Bruno Parent, head of DGFiP, interviewed daily. It has kept the number of errors to a minimum, the & # 39; epsilonesque & # 39; and absurd & # 39; the idea that it is irreparable. The system of taxation at source in France "is ready for January 2019" and the anomalies identified during the test phases have been solved, said Sunday Ministry of Action and Public Accounts.

Similarly, the Minister of Economy and Finance estimated Bruno Le Maire on Sunday that "nothing would justify the implementation of the new device". In any case if "all technical guarantees" have been met.

"We have to be sure that when we go from a monthly levy to a withholding tax, there are no technical problems for the French," the minister said on BFM TV. In fact, a meeting between President Emmanuel Macron and Gerald Darmanin is scheduled Tuesday at the Elysee, according to a source close to the presidency.

"The computer question, the biggest problem" for the trade unions

On the side of the trade unions, some say they are surprised: "We were not aware of this note When we raised the issue of the computer, we were always told that everything was under control & # 39 was and & # 39; under control & # 39 ;, "he said. Anne Guyot of Solidaires Finances, first organization at DGFiP.

"No one can say 100% whether it will work normally," says Olivier Vadebout, Secretary General of the CGT Public Finances.

"The computer question is the biggest problem since the beginning." The source derivation is different information systems that have to coexist, given the size, it will inevitably be bugs, "he predicts at his side.

60% of the French are in favor of the introduction of the reform

The start of this reform naturally raises as many questions as comments. But in principle it does not seem to postpone French taxpayers. In any case, if we rely on an Ifop survey for the Sunday newspaper.

According to this survey, 60% of the French are at source for tax deductions, against 39% who declare themselves hostile. To the question "Do you want the government to introduce the withholding tax on income tax from 1 January 2019?", Says 60% of the respondents yes (32% yes free, 28% yes earlier) against 39% who are against it (14% not rather, 25% not at all) and 1% does not speak out.

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The most favorable are the relatives of La République and Marche (75%), followed by socialists (62%). Republicans are the most hostile (50%). However, the most favorable people are those who are subject to income tax (66%).

The survey was conducted by telephone from 31 August to 1 September in a sample of 965 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and older according to the quota method.

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