Controversial file at FO: Pavageau pushed to resignation

Paris – Seven months after his arrival at the head of FO, Pascal Pavageau is in the hot seat and is forced to resign after the disclosure of a file about the leaders of the third French trade union, which caused an internal crisis.

On the FO side, the radio silence on Monday, the day of the traditional weekly meeting of the Confederal Bureau, was composed of the closest guard of Pascal Pavageau (13 members). Another meeting, crucial and wider (35 members), is scheduled for Wednesday.

The latter was postponed by the Secretary-General on October 29, but FO officers eventually decided to go there, "even without Pavageau".

From internal sources to FO, the majority of these thirty members, "with the exception of 3-4 people"will demand his resignation.

"He resigns or gives us an explanation – but I do not see how things can change – or he resigns", summarizes Dejan Terglav, general secretary of the FGTA FO trade union (agribusiness, distribution, hotels and restaurants …).

"We are the spot of everyone! You can not afford to have someone with such a pot at the head of FO", replicates another FO source.

According to a third, Pascal Pavageau hoped to hold discussions with the postponement of the Wednesday meetingexecutives who were tormented by the file"The last, whose existence was unveiled last week by Le Canard, closed more than a hundred FO leaders of qualifying competitions such as"silly blood""freemason"or again"too smart to enter the confederal office".

– "We have to go"-

Interviewed by Le Dauphiné which was released on Friday, Pascal Pavageau assured himself that "it bothers"internal." In Chained Duck, he explained that it is a "nice bullshit"and a"serious error".

In particular, according to the articles of association of FO, the meeting of Wednesday may lead to the organization of a meeting of the Executive Committee of FA, sort of Parliament, only the right to request a resignation from the Secretary-General.

Officials who want to resign are hoping to meet in this House next week, but according to press reports, Pascal Pavageau is on sick leave, which would allow time to be extended. The Secretary-General did not respond to AFP's contact.

On Friday Frédéric Homez, secretary-general of the Metallurgical Federation, invited him to take "itself the decision to resign".

The pressure is also increasing outside the trade union.

"I think there is some discomfort with the Secretary-General of FO (…). If we do not live up to the ethics we have set, we have to go", said Monday at France Info Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT.

The day before, Muriel Pénicaud, the Minister of Labor, had said:shocked and shocked by this unworthy file story".

A possible departure from the Secretary-General would be a trick for FO, currently in the field, like the other trade unions, for crucial elections in December in the public service from which Pascal Pavageau originated.

Significant negotiations are also under way, particularly on unemployment insurance and pension reform.

The revelations, however, have brought to light the specific departments of FO: on the one hand the defenders of a rule "reformer", based on consultation with the executive, which was defended by Jean-Claude Mailly, the former number one of the trade union, on the other, the proponents of a more offensive line, defended by Pascal Pavageau, a supporter of demonstrations and alliances with other trade union organizations.

"Behind this gutter story is a fight on the political line of FO, between supporters of Pavageau and those who want the FO folds the pension reform", says the third FO source.

Chosen at the FO conference in April, Pascal Pavageau, 49, radically changed the position of the union by reconnecting with the CGT, with whom he organized two national interprofessional events, including those of last Tuesday.

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