Controversial work at Actes Sud: publisher argues for "negligence"

The publisher Actes Sud, who investigates allegedly illegal work in its offices in Paris, when it was headed by the Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen, pleaded for "negligence" on Friday, and ensured that it "will comply with all necessary compliance procedures ".

"Actes Sud will comply with all necessary formalities for compliance." The publisher emphasizes that the omissions he is accused of are due to negligence and not to an intentional wish to escape the applicable regulations. she said in a statement. "The Actes Sud publishing house is faced with a controversy against its former leader, now a member of the government.

A building registered as a historical monument. The debate concerns the development of the Paris headquarters "," including the installation of mezzanines to improve the working conditions of its employees ", the editor summarized. The criticism addressed to the company is based on the lack of authorizations to extend these surface expansions, "said Actes Sud in his press release. The building where the disputed works took place is a building that is inscribed as a historical monument, with the structure and appearance of which it did not occur in any case, "said the editor. Actes Sud relies on the decision of the prosecutor who has opened an investigation and who will say what action must be taken on the basis of the facts, "he said.

Expansion works of 150m2. The police made Wednesday's findings in the offices of Paris South Actes, as part of the preliminary investigation that was opened on 23 August by the Paris prosecutor to determine whether the enlargement, implemented in 1997 and from 2012, respected the city planning code. . The research follows an article Duck chained revealing that Françoise Nyssen, who directed Actes Sud to minister of culture in 2017, increased the surface of the Paris publishing house by 150 m2 "without a work permit or declaration to the tax authorities". Two months earlier she was also pricked by the satirical newspaper for the unauthorized expansion of the Actes Sud headquarters in Arles. She already had negligence & # 39; spoken.

Actes Sud "will do what it takes to respond," says Nyssen

"Far from the tumult of the world", the Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen visited the Eure on Friday to ensure that the Actes Sud publishing company "will do everything to answer". "It seems far away from the tumult of the world when we are here that they seem far away from the outer whirlpools when we pass the walls of this mill," the minister said during her visit to the Moulin d'Andé. The minister repeatedly refused to respond to reporters and ultimately responded to the preliminary investigation into the controversial work that the publisher Actes Sud had carried out in Paris when she was in charge. "You are talking about a research with a company, Actes Sud, that will do everything necessary to respond … The Ministry of Culture is in what it should do, this is where it happens," Françoise Nyssen said before to transfer insignia of the Order of Arts and Letters to Suzanne Lipinska, president of the Moulin d & # 39; Andé association. The Minister of Culture will go to Italy on Saturday, on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival.

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