Corsica: one of the two landfills partially blocked

Ajaccio – One of the two garbage disposal sites in Corsica has been partially blocked since Monday morning on the initiative of local elected officials who are considering paying the costs of the lack of a comprehensive solution to the waste problem on the island.

The meeting was organized in the afternoon with local officials, the executive power of Corsica, led by nationalists, and the state did not find agreement on waste management on Monday evening, problem whining for twenty years on the island, their participants announced.

The partial blocking of the technical center of the funeral of Prunelli di Fium & # 39; Orbu (Haute-Corse) is maintained until a meeting of elected officials of the intermunicipal company on Tuesday afternoon, indicated by the mayor Pierre Siméon de Buochberg. Since 8 o'clock, only the trucks of the intermunicipal company can enter the site.

Without an incinerator on its territory, the island of Beauty has only two technical landfills (CET), Viggianello (Corse-du-Sud) and Prunelli di Fium & Orbu.

Each year these sites see their administrative capacity for increased storage per prefectoral order. These deviations are presented for the time being, pending finding locations for new CETs.

For three years the Prunelli di Fium & # 39; Orbu site has seen its capacity increase from 43,000 to 60,000 tons per year. An increase that the local elected representatives unanimously renounced, with the demand to stick to the originally planned capacity: "Today we have reached 40,000 (tons), and it remains only 3,000 tons to bury"said the mayor.

The Chairman of the Executive Council of Corsica, Gilles Simeoni, asked on Monday that the increase in tonnage will last for three additional years, while a plan aims to reduce the waste by 60% by 2021.

"There will be a transitional period of three years in which the waste production of the island will be greater than the dumping capacity of the island. We are therefore obliged to request efforts from the two centers that are in operation, pending alternative solutions", said AFP, Gilles Simeoni, at the end of the meeting.

The mayor of Prunelli di Fium & # 39; Orbu asked for "strong guarantees"on the application of this plan as well"investments for road, digital and health development"Territory."Proposals for this will be developed on Tuesday and will be forwarded to the Board of Directors. Their consideration will decide to lift the blockadehe warned.

"We know that the elected officials and the people of the areas want guarantees in the short, medium and long term. This can only be gradually built up. It is a relationship of shared construction where everyone makes efforts and pledges"said Mr. Simeoni.

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