Crazy car at the exit of a box in Cambrai: what we know

A vigil of the discotheque Mix Bar in Cambrai 39 years old, is this sunday night in the coma with a cerebral haemorrhage. According to the doctors, his condition is stable and his vital prognosis in the short term would not be committed.

Just like him, a client had to be apprehended last night after being hit by a crazy car, which the people who were standing at the edge of the disco had turned on. This client, whose life would no longer be in danger, could subsequently undergo serious aftermath .

Four other young men were slightly injured by the driver. The facts took place around 4:45 according to the video surveillance images that could be consulted by the researchers.

Cambrai: a crazy car at the exit of a disco made 6 injuries, two of them serious

Excluded from the disco

The driver of the Audi A3 completed his run in a lamppost, after mowing the pedestrians. He was immediately stopped by the police, drunk. At the time of his arrest, he had an blood alcohol level of more than 2 g per liter of blood.

According to the first elements of the investigation, this person, 18 years old and already known to the police, were excluded from the box & # 39; at night around ] 3 hours in the morning. It is still unclear what he did between 3 and 4:45, the hour of the facts. His first audition would take place this Sunday at the end of the day, after his disillusionment.

According to local witnesses, the driver drove quickly and appeared to be deliberately moving forward ] with his car on pedestrians. Did he specifically focus on the local security officer who had fought with other employees in his exclusion from the establishment? The research will have to determine it.

The young adult is in custody for attempted murder and should be tried on Monday. He could be charged with the same charge by the Criminal Branch of the Court of Douai.

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