Creuse: a young woman who has been the victim of racist insults from an agent of Carsat

It is a conversation that Fatiha Martin should never have heard. According to France Bleu Creuse, while she inquired at the Carsat de Guéret about her mother's pension, this 28-year-old woman received a voice message in which an employee of the company, thinking that he had hung the horn, had expressed racist lies against him.

"Case soc", "she stinks", "the girl is a Daech creusoise", "she is veiled from head to toe". The voice of the employee is recognizable and his words are also visible on the recording of more than a minute. We can also distinguish a few laughs.

The voice message already began in an unwelcoming tone, where the author of the insults was The mother of Fatiha Martin warned that her case would not be validated and that she should go to the court of social affairs only.

The victim was again at the police station in Guéret, Friday 24 August 2018, so that the police can retrieve the voicemail message. Two days ago she had only put down a CD that contained the recording after filing a complaint for "non-public defamation because of origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion".

The minutes of the minutes held by Fatiha Martin. / © Martial Codet-Boisse
The minutes of the minutes held by Fatiha Martin. / © Martial Codet-Boisse

The Martin family had settled in Guéret for decades

Insults are all the more shocking and irrelevant that the Fatiha Martin family has been installed in Guéret for several years. Her mother, Fatima, as well as all her children, are very well integrated into life in the city.

Fatiha Martin lives in Bordeaux, but was on vacation in Guéret to spend time with his family.

Internal research within the Carsat de Guéret

For the time being, the technician behind the racist insults is not suspended. Jean-Christophe Crulli, deputy director of Carsat Ouest-Center, repeated his apology to the family after a first release from the public service organization.

An internal investigation will be conducted to determine the exact conditions. The employee has no contact with Carsat's customers since the incident.

Fatiha Martin goes to the end

After hearing the insults of the Carsat employee, Fatiha Martin decided that the case could not stop. She immediately contacted France Bleu Creuse and the Popular du Center to tell her story.

Since the incident, the young woman did not sleep anymore. She says she is very shocked, but to go all the way.

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