Creuse: Official leave insulting and racist message on a retiree's answering machine – 24/08/2018

A consultant from La Creuse insulted an insured person after he thought he had hung up his telephone. / Phot DDM illustration

A consultant from La Creuse insulted an insured person after he thought he had hung up his telephone. / Phot DDM illustration

A family in the Creuse filed a complaint against a retired councilor who had insulted him in a telephone call. The words xenophobic and abusive were recorded without his knowledge when he thought he had been hanged.

"I can not do any more of these people anyway, it stinks! It's Daesh Creuse, it's veiled from head to toe, and when Fatiha Martin listens to this message, she does not believe her ears." The young woman had previously requested help from her. retired mother, Fatima, at the Carsat (pension and occupational health fund) in Creuse, but his file was rejected by the advisor, as he informs at the beginning of his message, the result is much less procedural.

"We are called Daesh Cretan"

The counselor continues his accusation against the pensioner after he has pronounced his decision in a very dry tone by talking to his colleagues. He thinks he has hung up, but he is not. On the other side of the line Fatiha hears everything. The racist tells his mother that we are from & # 39; cassos & # 39; (social case, note) as the big laugh of the other consultants of the office.

The young woman decided to file a complaint against the counselor. "Are we called Daesh from Crete? I am Creusoise, married to a pure Creusois, my parents are Creusois, and free insults like that, it is inadmissible," Fatiha Martin responded to the France Bleu microphone. "I do not want this to happen again, for me, for my mother, for everyone," she added to justify her decision to file a complaint. His mother was also shocked that a "person working for the public service, for the state" can make such a statement.

Carsat denounces unacceptable words

According to AFP, the parquet of Guéret opened an investigation into "acts of non-public racial abuse". The full message was given to the police who conducted the investigation. Faced with the strong controversy that has triggered news coverage in the media, Carsat apologized, very embarrassed by the attitude of his employee. In a statement to France-Bleu, management presents "apologies to the person who has fallen victim to the comments" and wishes "to express his complete disapproval of these comments […] which do not correspond to the values ​​of the public service ".

The employee concerned has not received any sanction for the time being. Management was justified by the fact that it would want to hear it first before making a decision. The counselor did not show up because the case was revealed. Carsat also undertakes to meet the victim's family to apologize personally.

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