"Cross the street" in Montparnasse does it really help to find a job?

REPORT – While Emmanuel Macron says we find work by "crossing the street" in Montparnasse, the Figaro asks the restaurateurs of the famous Parisian quarter.

On the occasion of the Elysée Heritage Days this weekend, Emmanuel Macron told a young unemployed grower that it was enough to "cross the street" to find work in the restaurant sector. The president assures that in Montparnasse as "you make a street with all the cafes and restaurants, I am sure that one in two is currently recruiting". Le Figaro went there to see if finding a job "on the other side" was so easy

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Jobs in neighborhood restaurants

Monday morning, 9 am in the Montparnasse district. First note: yes, companies in the area regularly rent. And even according to our small questionnaire, the ratio is greater than one in two. Of the twenty or so restaurants and cafés in the Montparnasse district, fourteen offices report that they are regularly recruiting and that they offer a full-time or part-time job, sometimes through advertisements available in French. line or temporary agencies. Incidentally, the personnel institutions involved are of the opinion that the job of chief of rank is the most difficult to fulfill.

On the fast food side of the Boulevard Montparnasse, the Pomme de Pain chain indicates that Le Figaro is constantly looking for staff and currently lacks four people. The manager explains these manpower needs by the hardness of the work and the tight schedules, with job offers in the evenings and weekends that are not compatible with social life. Moreover, this hardness of the work leads to frequent departures by new employees who find it difficult to adjust to the work pace of the sector, and therefore a very frequent search for new recruits.

Few applications compared to offers …

Secondly, these restaurants and cafes struggle to find a stable staff. On the side of the more traditional French restaurants of the district, such as La Coupole, the site managers underline the difficult schedules proposed and the reluctance of the job seekers to accept a fixed salary for these periods. The director of the restaurant Le Dôme, Patrick, that the cut, that is, the discontinuous schedules of the trade, represents "the point that most young people even with a proper pay rejects". For example, some institutions such as the Dome have focused on the declining number of jobseekers in the sector, explaining that even if institutions test "all advertising systems" and "ask for more or fewer qualifications", it could not prevent the number of applications from stagnating.

… but institutions that favor the experience

Third observation: even if there is a real need for manpower, we do not find a job in the catering to cross the street & # 39; While many restaurants and cafes often receive CVs from jobseekers, especially young people, the latter are subjected to recruitment steps to filter out the least qualified employees. And in some larger branches in the neighborhood it is the experience that comes first with current employees in the long term or recruitment that is done internally with a relationship folder. Although the catering industry has evolved for many years, a quarter of the surveyed restaurants always reserve their job offers exclusively to qualified employees with extensive experience and know-how in the trade. .

Nevertheless, several branches of the boulevard Le Figaro have entrusted to now prioritize the human qualities of the experience, making them more patient with the less experienced employees to offer them training. So the manager of Pizza Pino says "ready to hire someone without experience to start tomorrow", provided the candidate is motivated … and crosses the street.

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