Death of the city planner and philosopher Paul Virilio

"Paul Virilio had a cardiac arrest on September 10, 2018. According to his wishes, the funeral on 17 September 2018 took place in the strictest intimacy", said his daughter in a statement made by the Cartier Foundation.

"A few days before his death, he still worked with Jacques Arnould for the publication of a book and he and his former student, the architect Hala Wardé, thought of a new exhibition" at the Cartier Foundation, "said his daughter Sophie Virilio.

A free and visionary thought

Urbanist, philosopher, essayist and actor, Paul Virilio distinguished himself during his life and his works by a free and visionary idea.

Marked on the basis of the war experience (he was born in Paris in 1932) and in particular the bomb attack on Nantes (in 1943) where he says for the first time he experienced what he one day the 'aesthetics of the disappearance & # 39; will call. "he was a philosopher of the disintegration of the territories.

In the early 1960s he founded the Architecture Principle group with Claude Parent, who died in 2016, and published the manifesto on the "Oblique Function", which will mark a turning point in the history of contemporary French architecture.

In the seventies, the philosopher began with a reflection on speed, which he regarded as an essential factor of social organization and political control.

A "communism of affects"

In an interview with Libération in 2010, the philosopher felt that "we experience a synchronization of emotions, a globalization of affect". "At the same time, everywhere on the planet, everyone can feel the same fear, the same concern for the future, or experience the same panic – it's still incredible!" We have passed the standardization of opinions – made possible thanks to the freedom of the press – the synchronization of emotions (…) Our societies lived from a community of interest, they now live a communism of affects, "he analyzed.

He has published more than thirty essays and collaborated in the journals Spirit, Common Cause, Criticism, Traverses, Architecture or Today, Urbanism … In the 1980s, with the father Patrick Giros (deceased in 2002)) he had committed himself to the homeless and the excluded. In 1992 he became a member of the High Commission for the Housing of the Chancellors.

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